Perinatal Mental Health Week is a powerful, national collaboration of 45 organisations united to create understanding, reduce stigma and provide education and support.

The transition into parenthood can be challenging. 1 in 5 new mums and 1 in 10 new dads/non-birthing partners experience perinatal depression and anxiety, which is around 100,000 Australian parents each year.

Every conversation that we start with the broader community is an opportunity to shine a light on the real experiences of expectant and new parents nationally.

Our united voice can create the message of authenticity for parents at risk of suffering from mental health challenges during pregnancy and early parenthood, and for their loved ones.

We get it and we are here to support you or a loved one.

45 organisations in the perinatal mental health and parenting sector are uniting to share the many supports and resources that are available for expectant and new parents in their most vulnerable time, specific to their needs.