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The Gidget foundation has been so important In supporting me through 2 pregnancies and postpartum. I did not plan to have  2 babies in the time of a pandemic… But I did … and it presented another  level of challenges that I could never have ever imagined… in addition to navigating the emotional roller coaster of being a motherless, mum to be. Just knowing that my Gidget psychologist was there to listen when I needed to share,  felt alone and isolated , uncertain  or outright scared and exhausted dealing with the outside world … she  showed empathy, care and constructive support  in what was a unprecedented time of pregnancy, birthing as well as parenting my toddler. Gidget foundation provided me strategies, coping tools & support to get my head above water… especially on those days that I felt I was drowning. Postpartum anxiety and depression is a very real and yet easily dismissed and misunderstood by society. Throw away comments from other women would send me into a downward spiral … and I was constantly told to look on the bright side…. My emotions and struggles so easily dismissed by others, who’s experience was so vastly different and had no comprehension of what it was to be pregnant, birth, have a newborn in an unprecedented time. Gidget foundation was were I landed for a virtual hug, unbiased & respectful support. I am truly grateful… life  may have looked very different without the support of the Gidget foundation. 

Please help me give back to ensure that the Gidget foundation continue to support woman through one of the most vulnerable times in life. Michelle xx

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Michelle Civitarese