Donate In Lieu

Donate in lieu and help expectant and new parents experiencing perinatal depression and anxiety

What Your Donation Does

Donate to Gidget Foundation Australia to mark a special occasion such as a wedding, birthday or anniversary and add meaning to an already special day. Consider donating to Gidget Foundation Australia instead of giving a traditional present! As a gift-giver, it is often difficult to think of appropriate gifts so why not give a donation as a meaningful alternative. Or if you are planning a celebration, encourage guests to donate to Gidget Foundation Australia in lieu of a personal gift. You could collect the donations at your celebration, and send them in to us afterwards. 

Or register now to create your own fundraising page and all donations will automatically be collected and transferred to Gidget Foundation Australia. You can email the unique link of your fundraising page to your friends and family. Each donation is recorded on your page and guests may leave a personalised message for your occasion.

Donate in Lieu

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Can provide a family with a Gidget Bunny Book set to support them with self care strategies
Can provide a regional or remote family in need with access to a Registered Psychologist via telehealth
Can provide a face to face Clinical Psychological session for an expectant or new parent in need
Can contribute to the provision of safe, moderated peer support for expectant and new parents in need in the Gidget Virtual Village
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