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Wednesday 19 June
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This #GidgetGivingDay, donate to make life-saving mental health support accessible to expectant and new parents in need.
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These past few years have been tough. Many of us have faced challenges that have taken a toll on our mental wellbeing. Families, especially, have felt the strain more than ever. 
Gidget Foundation Australia has seen a surge in new families seeking mental health support, and this demand shows no signs of slowing down. 

Sadly, too many new parents are still struggling alone – with perinatal depression and anxiety (PNDA) affecting 1 in 5 mothers and 1 in 10 fathers each year in Australia.
Maternal suicide is a leading cause of death among expectant and new mothers.
We need to change that! And we can start by making sure that every new parent feels heard, seen and supported during the perinatal period.

Sometimes, all we need is to start talking to realise we're not alone and there is hope.

Gidget Giving Day - Lisa - Former GH client

Lisa's story

Lisa’s last pregnancy should have been easy, but amid the sudden grief of losing her beloved Nanna and COVID-19 isolation, she spiralled into despair. Despite her outward appearance, Lisa was falling apart inside. Thoughts of self-harm and panic attacks besieged her.

“I felt completely empty. I started having intrusive thoughts about hurting myself. Fleeting thoughts, but scary, nonetheless."

The turning point came when Lisa confided in her GP and found support at Gidget House. She poured her heart out, and through counselling, therapy and love, Lisa learned ways to look after her mental health.

Lisa now wants expectant and new parents to know they "are not alone” and urges anyone who needs support to start talking, remove the stigma surrounding PNDA and find help.

Imagine the many lives you can change in a single day!

On Wednesday 19 June, let's come together to make mental health support accessible to parents like Lisa.
Every donation will be doubled for 24 hours, thanks to the generosity of our Giving Day Matchers. Your gift will help us keep pace with the escalating demand for perinatal mental health services, ensuring vulnerable new parents can get help without delay.

Your support will enable our vital initiatives, such as the Gidget Training Institute and our Workforce Development Program. By addressing the shortage of specialist perinatal mental health Clinicians, we can ensure that more of the 100,000 new parents impacted by PNDA each year will receive the support they need to survive and thrive.
Our vision is simple: No parent should suffer in silence.
Please register to receive a reminder on Wednesday, 19 June – and come back to lend a hand to new parents in need. There's no better time to donate knowing that it will be matched by our generous Giving Day Matchers.

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