Gidget Foundation BYO Coffee Cup


We love coffee, you love coffee...but Australians use about 100,000 throw away coffee cups per HOUR! 

It is estimated as many as 1 BILLION TAKEAWAY CUPS and LIDS are used, landfilled, and/or littered every year
Due to a hidden, nasty plastic lining in single-use takeaway cups, most cannot be recycled. (Responsible Cafes)

The Gidget BYO Coffee Cup is a perfect size (350ml) for your coffee fix and is the kinder choice for our environment!

A durable, reusable cup with screw top lid, heat resistant silicone band, and of course our Gidget branding.
Manufactured from tough BPA FREE, food-grade polypropylene which is dishwasher safe (bonus!).

$14.95 plus shipping.